The Anatomy of Songs – Pop Music…

Hooks are what make songs interesting. Usually, it’s a riff of some kind played on a musical instrument, but can also be a particular catch phrase or some kind of other noise and it’s usually very early in the song, so that it catches your interest quickly.
To begin, what exactly is pop music? Essentially, pop music is any music that can be designated as well known by the populace, or simply, popular. This means that pop music could include many different styles of music and could have a widely diverse set of artists and talent.
Let’s look at some of the things that almost all modern pop songs have in common: hooks, phrasing, beat, and lyrical subject matter For example, let’s take a song that most people probably hate, “Who let the dogs out?” by the Baja Men. This song has a very obvious hook which you are introduced to early in the song, the phrase “Who let the dogs out”, followed by barking noises. This hook worked particularly well because no one had ever heard this particular phrase before in a song. This type of hook is designed to catch interest quickly.


Red White and Blue…


Red, White and Blue explores relationships, influences and appropriations in political, pop and punk imagery.
The exhibition begins with plasma screens and video projection. Next, a kind of billboard alley of photographic images, pop art, graphics and posters; imagery piled high, international and layered with histories. Anti- government protests from South America and civil war. Red, White and Blue combines film, photography, graphics and contemporary art to expand the relationship between pop and punk culture, politics and place, reflecting back upon the past as well as examining the present.

Pop Culture/Media….

When exploring pop culture and the media, it’s very challenging to find positive imagery of women or media in general that is meant to inspire to women. That is why I choose to use the song and music video of Beyonces “Run The World (Girls)” as my current example of Feminism.

Sports Teams Rock Out….

This videos of sports teams performing a song “Call Me Maybe” in buses, vans, hotel rooms, fields and even in public.
The catchy song this month has oddly but hilariously inspired athletes from coast to coast to capture footage of themselves lip-syncing and dancing to the tune for all the world to see on YouTube. The song is simply one of those songs that really affects people. The viral videos are more the result of that, than a catalyst for sales. I think the song is simply one of those songs that really affects people. The viral videos are more the result of that, than a catalyst for sales.

Andy Warhol….

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. , born Andrew Warhola, did in fact, change times in the second half of the 20th Century. Andy Warhol, the leader of the pop art movement, is considered one of the most important American artists of the 20th century. He helped shape American media and popular culture through artwork based on images taken from pop culture. Warhol used commercial silk screening techniques, this enabled him to project identical, mass produced images on canvas. He then added variations of color to create a different look for print. His artwork tells the story of the 20th century through pictures of celebrities and popular images such as the Campbell’s soup can. Looking at Warhol’s artwork is like looking into your past. You see pop culture images that remind you of your childhood.

Popular music/Dance


Popular culture cannot be catputed better than in this recent hit from South Korea, the video for Gangnam Style, the unlikely hit from South Korean rapper/fancy dresser Psy, has been viewed on YouTube more than one billion times since June. Of these, half a billion involved people watching it so they could memorize the moves for their own Gangnam Style parody and a quarter billion that involved curious watchers who, at the end of four minutes and 13 seconds, were left baffled as to how that song became the most-watched internet video of all time. But aside from the fact that people still seem to get a kick out of bow ties, the Gangnam phenomenon says something about how we experience culture in an internet world.

Psy is not particularly handsome, nor does he approach adorable. Gangnam Style has an undeniable earworm quality to it, but it’s hardly the first catchy song to be released in the YouTube era. And, the lyrics? Who knows? There’s the part where he says “Gangnam Style” and the part when he says “sexy lady”, then all the other stuff in Korean. He could be reciting the dictionary for all most of us know. In it’s own right this is a symbol of contemroary popular culture.

What we mean by Pop Culture…

Culture has never been given a specific meaning, there are many different things that people perceive culture as;The difference between high culture and popular culture is frequently a matter of taste or judgement. Popular culture has been a problem for as long as there has been something called “popular culture.”

I spent some time online trying to answer my question and time after time I was led to the same direction: pop culture is what we see, hear, speak, and are otherwise exposed to on a daily basis. The infomercials we see late on television, the billboards we see on the side of the road, the junk mail we receive, the links on the web pages we visit, and the radio commercials we hear all tie together to form this idea of pop culture. These, plus many other aspects, form our minds and teach us how to be culturally smart. To be culturally smart is to understand and know pop culture.